How to Write a Good MBA Research Proposal

How to Write a Good MBA Research Proposal

Preparing any paper for MBA level is a serious endeavor. At this level, the instructors expect you to show growth and some maturity when it comes to developing your papers. Given an assignment, you are required to show an understanding of the subject area and to deliver a paper that achieves its objective. So, given a research paper to write, you need to consider this as an opportunity to impress your professor and earn yourself a solid grade. At the MBA level, writing a research paper at must start with a research proposal. A proposal is simply a plan of how you wish to do your research paper. It should be detailed and contain all that you wish to include in your research paper. Your professor should be convinced after reading your proposal. They should capture your objective and also the rationale or motivation behind your research. Your proposal should stand out and this article will offer you snippets on how to write a good research proposal.

Topic Selection

The topic you select can determine whether your proposal will communicate your intentions or not. It is also crucial that you narrow down your topic to something specific and one that will give you an easy time when the time to develop a research question comes. Selecting complex topics is discouraged because of the research process. Such topics will take more of your time and there is no guarantee that you will manage to come up with something convincing and credible.


Your research proposal should be grounded in research. So, spare a good amount of your time to research and come up with credible sources which will be used in your literature review. Know what your topic entails as well as what people are saying about it. Have a good knowledge base of your topic before you start the writing process.
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Developing a Research Question

After the research process, develop your research question. A research question reveals your angle of research and communicates your intentions to your audience. However, as earlier stated, it should be grounded in research and not in opinions. It should be as objective as possible. Remember that your entire research is dependent on it. So, take your time to develop one.

Writing the Introduction

An introduction chapter for your MBA proposal should encompass a few things. The first thing should be communicating the purpose of your research. The second thing should be stating the problem and thirdly, your introduction should evaluate the usefulness of your research. It should be brief but precise.

Preparing the Literature Review

Literature review entails the wise and authentic ideas you have borrowed from experts in your topic. Every field has its experts and quoting them enhances the credibility of your paper. Read widely and grasp the different perspectives people have or hold regarding your topic. Without proper research, it is indeed impossible to have a comprehensive literature review. So, immerse yourself in research.

Deciding and Preparing the Methodology

Your research proposal should also contain a methodology section which will demonstrate the research methodology you intend to use for your research. This section is vital because it communicates to your audience how you intend to answer the research question. Include your preferred data collection methods, data analysis methods, research design, tools, and instruments you deem essential to your research.

In conclusion, remember the goal of writing an MBA research proposal is to earn the trust and nod of your professor. Thus, give it your best and adhere to the points discussed above. Additionally, listen to what your professor says. They will have an opinion and it is crucial that you accept their guidance.